Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reincarnation Dilemma

Hinduism believes that when you leave this world...
your soul or spirit will come
back reincarnated...
in some form
be it...
another person,
a plant,
or animal...

I was wondering...hmmm

If you were reincarnated...and had to come back as an ANIMAL...
"What animal would you choose?"
For me, it's a difficult decision
But if forced to choose....

a dog would be my first choice

but a chicken
would be a close second.
(Shirley, you can't mean a chicken.)

Granted, a dog is man's best friend and has a cushy life in most households
except, maybe, Michael Vick's...
you shirley can't beat the life of a chicken..
on the Hawaiian island of

If you've been to Kauai you can't help notice the colorful chickens
freely roaming around the island. 
There must be some paltry poultry law on the Kauai books that the
"chicken rules."

These chicks have free rein.
The entire island is their oyster and
 their chicken coop. 
"Born Free"
is the soundtrack of their lives...
they cluck and cocka-doodle-doo
around the island.

They look amazingly healthy
and are many in number because they have few predators... 
except for the occasional rabbit and  jaguar...
who forget to stop when the chicken
is crossing the road.

Which reminds me.......

"Why did the Kauai chicken cross the road?"

Shirley, because it can.


There is one other animal I might consider coming back as...
One with an even cushier life...

the  party animal.

The life of a party animal
on any island



Sistersledge said...

Ha, ha, that is a funny looking monkey! Also funny that you said you would like to come back as a dog. Michelle Obama was asked that same question and she answered it in a split second -- she said that's easy, a dog, but not any dog, Bo, the portugese water dog, the first dog! Now that would be a cushy life!

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