Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Big Brother"

Can you imagine giving a prospective employer access to your Facebook account?  
Say what?

There are now occasions when job applicants are asked for their password
so a prospective employer can check their background.

They must be mad.  
(And I'm not talking the cool mad men and women from the TV show.)

So at their leisure, employers can sit down with a cup of coffee...
and peruse your  postings,
ponder your photos,
and pore over your privates.
(ya know what I mean.)

We already know not to put things on Facebook that we wouldn't want public...
that's one thing.  
But having to give out your private password...
that's a thing of a different thing.

What if you haven't posted anything obviously incriminating on FB...
but the employer just doesn't like what they see?  
Maybe you look scary without makeup,
or your friends look sketchy...
or they don't like your pit bull.

Or they see a tattoo (that isn't normally visible.)
Or you mention being pregnant or wanting to get pregnant.

And with the new Facebook Timeline....
they can easily go back in time and get a good line on your life.  

We might as well give them the keys to our front door,
so they can rummage through our bureau drawers.  
"Oh, Prospective Employer...Here's the key to my diary.
And check out May 15, 2011.  Really Juicy stuff."


In "1984" there was Big Brother..."Big Brother is watching you."

but in 2012 there is a new Big Brother..."Big Brother is creeping on you."

This new Big Brother...can get direct access to your all your laundry.  
and who doesn't have some dirty laundry in Da House???  

(My laundry day is next Tuesday...
until then it's all dirty.)

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B.Healy said...

terrifying. how is this legal???