Monday, March 12, 2012

Life of a Rockstar

The winter months are a good time for me to join PaulA on a few business trips...
(Warm destinations need only apply.)  
They get me out of the bleak for weeks, so to speak.
Consequently this frequent traveler
has had infrequent blog postings. 

Colinboy keenly pointed out how I've been living the life of a rockstar.
"Hey Rockstar, where ya going now?" 

Ya know....he may be right.   (he may be crazy)
I just may  be a rockstar.

And I'm on a roll......
traveling the country,
trashing hotel rooms,
ordering room service,
sunning myself,
and shunning the public.


When you get down to the truth of the  grey matter... 
PaulA is the rockstar..not this Kat.

I'm actually living the life of his entourage...a professional clinger-on-er.

Yep, this here Kat is PaulA's posse....giddy up. 
Puff Daddy/Puff/P. Diddy/Diddy has nothing on PaulA...
except maybe a few more nicknames.

Life  on the road  does provide the added benefit of providing
new experiences for new material....
which (as you know) would greatly benefit this blog.

Coming soon...
think leis,
and leprosy.

Power to the Posse.

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