Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All Dogs go to Heaven

Hey Kat,
Look UP...

It's Duncandog HERE...

You wouldn't believe the joint I'm living in now.
.... some pretty sweet digs.

First off, I get to lounge around on big fluffy couches.
Best. sleep. ever.
And whenever I get the munchies...there's no waiting around.
It's Self-Service/Step Right Up/Help Yourself.
I go to the ATM and dispense myself some treats. 
Love the peanut butter ones.

I've got lots of pals up here and
catch this...
all my peeps in da hood 
love my rapping.
 I always knew there was an audience somewhere for this

Rapper D.

And don't worry Kat,
I'm feeling
My health has improved by leaps and bones...
which by the way, you will be happy to hear aren't stiff anymore.
I feel like that agile pup you brought home
14 years ago.

I swear there is something in the water here.
My Sweet Lord...
 I can actually see and hear again. 

Remember back in the day how I used to spy on you...
and follow you around...all FBI and all?

Well that's nothing...
Now I'm really watching you...

I'm actually in a Lazy Boy...right now...watching you on the tube...
switching channels between
the Animal Planet
and YOU
on closed circuit TV.   

And I see that you and the family are very sad I'm not with you :(
I want you to know...
you can stop crying now....
cuz this Duncandog is doing

 Life at home with you, PaulA, Big C, Colinboy, and Wishy
was preettty grand,

but as you know, Kat...
All Dogs go to Heaven.


Chelsea Coleen said...

i had to read each paragraph and then minimize it so i wouldnt cry! made me smile and giggle and tear up. we love you so much duncandog!! and yes, he is looking down from above and keeping a watchful eye on us all. we really got pretty lucky to have the cutest dog in the world. love seeing pictures of him as a puppy. i have one framed on my nightstand. just the cutest!

Joey said...

Oh gosh, this isn't even my dog and I'm tearing up. What a great and cleverly written post! So sorry for the loss of your beloved dog, but it seems he's doing just fine :)

Frances said...

I love you sweet Duncandog! I'll miss you not being able to find your toys because your hair covered your eyes, your tricks, and of course your bark!

your favorite dogsitter

sistersludge said...

You made everyone tear up Kat. Duncan was the cutest. Love the pup pic. He will be missed.

Sistersledge said...

I can't even read this and I'm crying. I'll read it later. We loved Duncan too. He was the best! I know he's up there in Dog Heaven having a blast. Love you Duncan.

Bri @ Sea said...

my comment didn't post earlier.

this made me cry... i miss my furry brother so much! i can't help but walk into the house and call out "DANCAAABUNNCCCC!!!" Missing him :(

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