Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote Today

Ahhh. Finally. It has arrived.
Election Day

The great thing about today IS...
we get to exercise our right to vote.

But the VERY VERY VERY best thing about today IS
it's the VERY VERY VERY 
last day …
we have to listen to,
 put up with, 
political ads. 
woo hoo

Who out there isn't sick/tired 
and had it up to their last shrill with all the ads?
  I don't even want see the ads for the candidates
I'm voting for.

And why is it that we have so many negative ads?
Probably the same reason "The Enquirer" still leers at us in the grocery line...
They work.  
Studies have shown that the mind remembers negative attacks. 

Let's just say...
I get 10 comments on my blog.
(sure kat)
9 out of the 10 comments say: 
"Kat, you are one helluva blogger extraordinaire."
(dream on kat)
And 1 comment reads: 
 "Your blog is like bad bologna…it reaks and repeats on me all day."

So what comment do you think I remember?

The 9 positive comments immediately
go out my blog window…
and the 1 negative comment sticks
to my window like a nasty spitball.


I'm also VERY VERY VERY tired of listening to celebrities who
preach their politics to the public-at-large.  
(who you calling large?)
 I don't care who Barbara Streisand or Clint Eastwood support.

I don't want to Rain on Barbra's Parade
or ruin Clint's day
but no singer or actor (or even a singer-actor)
is going to influence how I vote in the election.

So after today…no mater who wins…
let's can come together.

Let's leave the current 
common low ground 
of mud-slinging 

and reach for a common higher ground.

Let's start by saying something "nice."

The "helluva blogger extraordinaire" is all ears.

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