Monday, November 26, 2012

Shopping Season Officially Open

Get ready, 
get set,
Survivors, get going...

THE Shopping Season is OFFICIALLY open.

'Tis this season…
that separates the 
wise bargain shopper 

from the
maniacal diabolical 
bargain shopper.
This exhuberant shopper is  
 also in it for the bargains...
but mostly in it for the sport...
the competition. 

"In it, to Win it."

And in order to be a Survivor...
the shopper has to 
outwit, outplay, and outlast
their fellow shoppers.

Let me just say…shopping in these circles ain't for the faint of heart. 
It's hand-to-hand 
Between human stampedes and pepper spray ...
you better be battle ready.
(sure gives new meaning to the 'til ya drop.)


Every year the competition starts earlier and earlier 
with some stores (like Walmart, Target, and Sears) 
starting at 8 pm on Thanksgiving.
I'm not sure how anyone has the energy to get up off the 
couch on Thanksgiving.

By 9 pm I'm enjoying the full effects of a tryptophan induced coma.  
I can't imagine leaving a warm house 
and entering a cold brick-and-mortar store 
with steely eyed strangers 
to do battle over
 a television.
worth playing for?

But as "they" say in true Survivor fashion,
 "As long as you have fire, you are still in the game."

Here's an idea that has it's rewards
why not exile yourself to 
"Redemption Island"
 and let your fingers do the 
cyber shopping.

A "virtual mall" has its advantages…
there you enjoy immunity 
from any challenges 
with maniacal shoppers. 
(Immunity back up for grabs.)

you need to bring me your torch.

The tribe Kat has spoken.

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