Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Messing with Thanksgiving Tradition

This Thanksgiving will be a 
"strange and different bird" 
for our family.

NOT the 
(ewww…that's another "strange and different" bird.)

But what is "strange" and not the "norm" for us
is that NONE of our kids 
will be home for Thanksgiving.
Say it ain't so, Flo?

Our tribe...
Big C, Colinboy, and Wishy 
are all on their own hunting/gathering expeditions.
Big C and Colinboy will be down south 
and Wishy will be waaay down south...the Amazon River.

That leaves...
Chief PaulA and SquawKat... 
3 hunyacks short 
of a full tribe. 

With a disbanded tribe, 
we decided to do something totally different…
and mess with tradition. 
We decided to change our location and have 
Thanksgiving at the beach...
near Plymouth, Mass.  

We'll be doing our very best to replicate the 
Pilgrim and Indian First Thanksgiving…
minus the loin cloth.

But we'll be thinking of our tribe 
while we have Thanksgiving dinner on our reservation.
(Did someone say we have a reservation?)

A picture taken of the kids years ago in Plymouth standing 
under the statue of Chief Massasoit 
(Indian friend of the Pilgrims) 

is hanging on the wall nearby...
which always brings a smile.
(I wonder if Chief Massasoit brought turducken  
or pumpkin pie to the 
First Thanksgiving???)


This Thanksgiving 
(and every single day) 
we are most Thankful for our Tribe. 

Chief PaulA and SquawKat 
are sending out 
virtual smoke signals from our wigwam….
Big C, Colinboy, Wishy

We miss you.

See you at Christmas.

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