Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy ...What Comes Naturally

Hurricane Sandy 
was a devastating storm for so many people and businesses.  
PaulA and I know how fortunate we were 
not to have sustained the loss that countless others have suffered.  

When you aren't worried about losing your life or home, 
a Super Storm like Sandy is exciting and scary..
all rolled into one atmospheric pressure.

So what did we do while Storm Sandy 
pummeled and pounded our bluff?

We did what comes naturally... 
pulled up a seat, 
drank a "Dark and Stormy" 

and watched
Mother Nature flex her muscle.


The destruction from Hurricane Sandy 
is real with real-life changing effects. 

A friend of mine has a home in Milford, CT 
across from the beach 
which is now uninhabitable. 
After 35 years, they will have to leave their home. 
I can't imagine.

Stories like these are common in states like CT, NJ, and NY. 
It seems that storms like Sandy are becoming more frequent.  
Just one year ago, we endured the wrath of Hurricane Irene.  
 I'm not sure I understand why "uncommon" events are becoming so common.

  Maybe Al Gore was right when he said that
he invented the internet.  (wait, not that.)
global warming exists.
(Although, many others think Al Gore is soaking wet, when it comes to weather.)

Our thoughts and prayers 
go out to those adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy. 

If you are looking for a way to help…
log  onto to donate.

It's an easy process….even a Kat can do it.

When the going gets tough...
we do what comes naturally…

we help those in need.

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