Friday, November 30, 2012

"She Cranks My Tractor"-Crank it UP

Some things are best suited for certain times of the day...

caffeinated coffee in the morning
nap in the afternoon
jay leno for late night 
gangnam style...after a few drinks

So when I heard that Colin along with Dustin Lynch and the band 
had a 5 am lobby call 
to get over to the "Fox and Friends" studio in NYC 
to play "She Cranks My Tractor"….
I wondered what that would feel like for them. 

I know what it would feel like for me…

But when the lights go up…
you turn it on. 
 And they sure did.

I thought they sounded great...
and they
normally don't play for another 12 hours.


I've found that Dustin Lynch's song 
"She Cranks My Tractor" 
can get me through most parts of the day….
morning workouts, 
afternoon errands, 
evening news.

I've been working on some classic tractor cranking moves of my own.
(The gangnam style has nothing on this Kat.)

So, let's CRANK it up...

watch it here

and get CRANKING. 

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