Friday, December 28, 2007

Edit Thyself

“Ruh-roh” (meant to be read out loud in your best Scooby voice.) I am in trouble now… a few friends heard that I am writing a blog. Now there will be no question about what a strange Kat I really am…the proof will be right there in blog black and white. Will knowing that I have some friends reading my blog effect how I write? Will I try to edit myself to sound like I’m a normal blogwriting housewife? Does a normal blogwriting housewife even exist or is that what they call…a foxymoron? Or is that an oxymoron?

Yep, my friends are probably thinking (sometimes I can read minds)…Kat has too much time on her hands. Shouldn’t she be doing something worthwhile? But then they realize…aha, a blog might just be perfect for her. After all, she has no skills….bless her heart.

So here I sit, hoping to write the next greatest blog…and I’m thinking…what should I write about? Will critical, over-thinking send me into blog bloc?? What would my friends find interesting? Let’s see…

Okay, probably not the story about the time when Col was little and went pee pee in a convenient soda bottle in the backseat of the van...oh, so embarrassing. (Did I say that out loud? Sorry Colinboy!) Oh, and probably not the story about the time when our Christmas tree fell off our van and PaulA had to fight the traffic to rescue it ….too dumb and oh so, boringly been there-done that. And definitely not the story about a homeless child who didn’t eat for 12 days and was fed by a She-wolf…too ridiculous and oh so, not true.

Nope, I have to be true to myself and not let the thought of my friends influence my blog. I have to let Kat be Kat and write …the ridiculously, foxymoronic, absurd…that just comes to mind…naturally.
Catch ya on the blogspot!

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