Friday, November 16, 2007

Hair Emergency

What’s a hair emergency, you ask? If you have to ask, then you’ve never had one. It’s when you’ve done a little experimenting with your own hair and then need to call in a professional. Bri was given the distinction of “Hair emergency of the year” by our hairdresser, Michelle.

After 16 years of being a blonde, Brianna decided to go brown. I still haven’t understood why she did this. You would think she had heard that blondes have more fun, by now. Instead, she threw caution to the wind…or more like CVS Ash Brown to the hair. She made a little purchase of $7.50 and got exactly what she paid for. With dye in hand she decided to make herself a brunette. If I had only known, I would have stopped the fiasco before it got started. But I was out of town, visiting my sick grandmother. So no more visiting sick grandmothers for me(bad joke)…you never know what will happen.

Bri walked around for 3 weeks as a brunette. It’s not like she looked bad…not at all. But she just didn’t look like Bri. Actually she looked like Big C. After a trip on the wild side, Bri decided she wanted her old hair color back….which isn’t as easy as I just said it. So enter…

Michelle, the hair emergency fixer….. Michelle to the rescue! After she questioned Brianna and her hair-brained idea about brown hair (pun definitely intended)…she got to work. She went to the back room and started mixing solutions….lots of them…eye of blonde, strand of Marilyn Monroe…looking for the right solution. Brianna and I just hoped that Michelle had paid attention in chemistry class. After she made her concoction, she plastered it on Bri’s head to strip off the brown. Then she washed it out…OOhhh, a nice shade of orange! Michele you weren’t paying attention in class after all. She calmed us down saying this was normal…We could only think, “You better be right about this because Halloween is over.” (Then again, if she turned it green, Bri would be ready for Christmas.) Next, the toner solution….and hmmmm… color is still not right. More toner please…fingers crossed…and in the end...

Bri got her hair color back. Everyone was happy. You know, kinda like when Stella got her groove back. Hair emergency over….thanks to Michelle.

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