Friday, November 30, 2007

Call Me Coo-Coo

I’m Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs. Maybe I’m just plain coo-coo or is that cuckoo? I have to admit it. I love those chocolatey puffs. You would think at my age (no age available) that I would be over those little balls of chocolate.

When I buy cereal, I buy Grape Nut Flakes for PaulA, Cracklin’ Oat Bran for Bri, Cheerios for Chels, nothin’ for Col… don’t think he hasn’t been lectured a gazillion times for not eating breakfast…and Cocoa Puffs for me. So today, it was lunch time and we didn’t have anything to put in a sandwich…..Will the wife please go to the grocery store already!…. I pulled out the box of Cocoa Puffs.

I have been eating Cocoa Puffs for my entire life. As a youngster I jumped out of bed to get the chocolate wonder. In college I was still eating them. I remember one summer when I worked as an assistant to a secretary for the U. S. Immigration Service in the Intelligence Division. Anyway, Polly, the woman I worked for found out that I ate Cocoa Puffs every morning. So after the summer, when I left to go back to college, Polly sent me packing with a dictionary and a huge box of Cocoa Puffs…the essentials. Bet you are wondering why they hired me in the Intelligence division.

Let me try to give you a reason, any reason why I eat this sweet sugary cereal at my age: duhhh, it would be the chocolate and the chocolate milk in the bottom of the bowl. Not only do you get to crunch on chocolate puffs, but when you finish, you get to drink chocolate milk. (Okay, I don’t pick the bowl up and drink it. I am not 8 years old… I will say that.) And the cereal is sweet enough that you don’t have to add sugar…because if I ate Cheerios I would be looking for the sugar bowl.

I am expanding my tastes to include other cereals….. Cocoa Krispies. But Cocoa Puffs will always be number one. Call me Coo-Coo.

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