Monday, December 30, 2013

Presence of Presents

Year after year 
Santa is presented with a present dilemma.
"What to get the kids?"

During years of Christmases past...
presents were a no-brainer for Santa.
A Barbie, 
a baseball bat, 
and a baby doll 
fulfilled Chelsea, Colin, and Brianna’s 
wish list.

With each year, however,
the present dilemma got trickier.

Last year Santa came through in a big way 
and presented them with a 
Best Buy Christmas.
(You really can't go wrong with electronics for presents….
unless, OF COURSE,
 you’re given a  sucky vacuum cleaner.)
Bad Santa

This year…
Santa presented them with 
a throw-back Chrismas...
a record player (complete with our old albums) for Brianna,
a recipe box (complete with Mom’s recipes) for Chelsea
a workout headband (complete with mullet) for Colin.


A few years ago 
Santa had the presence of mind 
to figure out
that kids their age like cold hard cash as presents
so Santa
them with an 

When it’s their turn….
they insert the card
into the ATM
and out pops cash.

The more trips to the ATM…
the merrier. 
Ho Ho Ho

And what could be better than cash?

Having our 3 at home…
all of us under the same roof, 
in the same room,
makes my Christmas day.

The presence of their presence
 is the best present.ever.

It doesn't get better than that.

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