Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 5th - Cemented in History

Today is a day…
 that is cemented in 
Kat and PaulA history.
December 5th...38 years ago...was our first date.

We were sophomores at Groovy UVM 
and living in the dorms on Redstone Campus.
Paul asked me to 
 the semi-formal party 
that our dorm was having with his.   
(The party was as "semi-formal" 
as you can get in a dormitory lounge made of 
porous gray cinder blocks.)

So….. as girls do…
I debated on what I should wear.  
Nothing I owned seemed worthy of a 
concrete block semi-formal affair…
so I walked down street to the center of Burlington 
to look for a 
cool yet groovylicious 
outfit to wear…
and came back with a 
brown velvet skirt and matching brown vest.

I guess I was going for a look that screamed...
 It's a wonder PaulA didn't send me packing...
with packing slip and all.

I must say...
my date was looking quite spiffy in his 
corduroy jacket, 
white tie, 
and curly hair.


This morning I asked PaulA…
if he knew what day today was???
And he immediately said
with no hinting…
no prodding…
no nudging...
"December 5th...Today was our first date."

That there is 
concrete proof 
December 5th is a day we both
won't ever forget
and that my 
"How now brown cow" outfit didn't scare him away.**
(**if you're in your 20's you've never heard that expression before.)

So feeling the mood...
I went upstairs and put on 
my most lovely brown outfit.

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sistersludge said...

He's such a romantic!