Monday, April 8, 2013

Scams by Scum

Apparently there are a lot of 
innocent gulp-able or
gullible people 
walking around with 
big targets on their backs.

People who are easily
hustled and hoaxed.

Victims of 
by scum.

I'd like to give those folks a little heads up.

"If it's too good to be true…IT AIN'T TRUE."
if you are sending money to a stranger 
who promises you a 
subsequent "windfall" of new found money….
please know…
the check is not in the mail.  


The latest fad in scams is 

I remember when catfishing used to look like this...

But the FACE of catfishing has changed.

Now it looks like this...

You remember Manti Te'o and the 
love of his life,
soul mate,
he never met.

Te'o fell victim to an internet predator 
who fabricated an identity and tricked him into an
 emotional/romantic relationship.

I'm not an expert on catfishing.  
All I know is that whiskers on a fish scare me. 

They look so devious.

But, here's another heads up….

If you're a guy 
"talking" to a girl 
you haven't met face-to-face...
and her name happens to be

Dude, please know…. 

That Siri girl???

She ain't for real.

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