Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Patriot's Day Bombing

Patriot's Day
will now be remembered as the day of the 
Boston Marathon bombing.
When I think of bombings I think of Baghdad…
not Boylston Street.

Patriots Day, a state holiday, 
is a big deal in Boston.
Between the Boston Red Sox game 
and the Boston Marathon…
it always brings thousands of tourists and locals into the city.
Who would think that as a spectator …
you'd end up running for your own life?

Through all the chaos, confusion…
and carnage…
it was hard to get in touch with people.
We couldn't talk with our Sweet Wishy 
who lives at marathon mile marker 25.
Cell service was intentionally turned off…
leaving those trying to get in touch with loved ones 

There have  been hundreds of accounts of
self-less and heroic acts.  
People offering to 
house and pick up people who were stranded 
after the bombings, 
feed them, give blood.

Bostonians are tough people...
with a wicked strong spirit.

During times like these Americans always reunite.  
Republicans stop waving the red flag, 
Democrats stop waving the blue flag, 
and together we fly the 
Red, White and Blue.

And as Americans 
under one great flag

we lower the flag 
in memory of those who lost their lives.

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