Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Learning Curves

Whenever we're first introduced to something…
whether it's a new sport, dance, job or…
even a new cell phone…
it takes time to become proficient and 
master the skills required.  

There is always a
learning curve
to go from rookie to masta.

I recently joined a Zumba class…

so I've been dealing with that learning curve. 

 In order to get the moves down …
I've had to pay careful attention to the instructor.  

And because I was so preoccupied 
with not zumba-ing in the wrong direction...
I wasn't getting a huge workout.  

I didn't want to look like a
zany Zumba Zoolgist.


Yesterday a new Zumba recruit showed up in class.  
ahhh, fresh zumba meat.

I was curious to see how she would deal 
with the learning curve. 

I quickly found out…
she wasn't worried about any ole learning curve.  
She didn't slow down...
for nothin'. 

She wanted to keep a high aerobic intensity level 
so no new
samba or salsa moves
were putting the brakes on her.

I loved her 
zeal for Zumba…

even if she zumba-ed left...

right into me.

(Or was that zumba-ed right -
into me?)

I have to give zumba cred
where zumba credit is due...
she didn't care about working on
learning curves.

The only curves 
she cared about working on
were her own.

Work it,  girl.

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Anonymous said...

love this post! zumba is so hard!

reminds me my blog from when i tried for the marathon :)