Saturday, November 26, 2011

License Revoked

Thanksgiving 2011 is over…
another food fest for the history books.

The holiday is officially over when everyone is feeling fat and happy…
and I have put away my Thanksgiving Day folder.

yes, I have a folder where I write down who brought what,
and who ate how much.
(Okay, I may be anal retentive, but I don't want to talk foul when talking turkey.)


My license has been revoked.

My OFFICIAL License to Eat
(Don’t worry, I still have the license that allows me to be hell-on-wheels.)

Name: FatKat
Eyes: Bigger than my Stomach
Weight: MYOB

My access privileges for carte blanche turkey-out sessions were rescinded...
after numerous rounds ...
'round the buffet.
and after a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sandwich...a couple hours later.

I had hoped I would be granted an extention
maybe another month through the holidays…
but because I had abused and misused my license during the Thanksgiving holiday…
it was revoked.

Maybe Thanksgiving 2012 will bring a new license...
with extended gluttony privileges.
I never liked my 2011 license pic,

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