Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Time

There are some folks who could have easily survived and thrived during a different era...
another time gone by bye.
That would have been Pilgrim PaulA.

I came to this conclusion while watching PaulA cut down a big tree
with just a hand saw.
As he sawed, sweated, and grunted  (and I sipped ice tea)...
I could easily picture him (minus the ugly black hat and beard)
thriving during the Colonial Period.

Then I thought about those poor saps
who wouldn't have made it through week one of the colonial period.
Ummm...That would have been me.

I NEVER would have thrived.
Maybe I would have survived...barely alive and Oh,so deprived.


I know what I’m talking about….

I have been to Plimoth Plantation and watched how the colonists used to do it.
(you know what i mean.)
A pilgrim’s life was not an easy one.
(yes, sistersludge...that is the original spelling for Plymouth.)

Plimoth Plantation replicates the pilgrim’s life during the 1600's…
and keeps everything true to the time period.
The people you meet are dressed in costume portraying actual residents in daily life…
growing food, making soap, and milking cows.

The day I visited,
someone's cell phone started blowing up.
The blacksmith asked, "What is that ringing sound I'm hearing?
A kid yelled out, "It's a cell phone."
The blacksmith looked puzzled, "Cell phone? What's that?"'s all pretty authentic on Plimoth Plantation...

that is, if later...
you don't catch the blacksmith behind his workshop
on his iPhone calling in his takeout lunch order.

BUSTED...pilgrim dude.

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