Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just Eat It

Do you ever get a hankering…an urge to splurge on fast food? 
You know, Mickey D’s, Burger King, Wendy’s…fart food on the run.
These burger joints usually get a bad rap from health experts.

I suppose you can eat healthy at places like Wendy’s and Ronald’s house.
 They do offer healthy menus that are all about salad and fruit…
but what’s the point in that?

If I wanted to eat healthy, I’d stay home and eat an apple to keep the doctor away.
But whenever I go through the Golden Arches...

I want a Big Mac with just the right amount of special sauce
and fries with artery-clogging saturated grease.

“I'm Lovin' It.”


I guess I’ve been living in a Hoover vacuum.
Somehow I missed the law passed last year requiring restaurant chains
to show the number of calories on their menus.

Apparently Obama rolled that little law in with some others...
kinda like those yummy little pigs rolled in blankets.
Calorie count: 275

I actually saw the new law in action when I was at an Applebees Vermont....the land of granola.
Granola: 500 calories/cup.

The Bruschetta Chicken Salad I was thinking about ordering was 1,100 calories...
"Hmmm....I’ll have the celery stick, please.”

It's hard to ignore the calories next to each entrée.
Even if you want to go for it ...and Just Eat It...
everyone else at the table is privy to your calorie number.

"Oh, so you're having the 1600 calorie dinner?"

So next time you have a hankering...
an urge to a chain restaurant...

wear blinders...
go with blind friends...
Just Eat It.

ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it


Choose to be Happy said...

sometimes... when i go through the mcds drive thru... which is not regular, dont worry, i order the 6 piece chicken nugget. no fries and a diet coke. but i ALWAYS hope that they will make a mistake and give me 7 chicken nuggets instead.... they only did once. :(

i am interested to see when GA will get with the program and put calories next to our menus.

sistersludge said...

now why did they have to go an ruin it by putting the calorie count on display!