Friday, October 14, 2011

Similar BUT Different to 'Whitey' Bulger

What does Whitey Bulger (Ten Most Wanted) and his girlfriend, Catherine Greig

have in common with
myself and PaulA?
(No cracks about being similar in looks.)

Oddly enough, we are both...similar but different.

Similar...we travel in the same circles.


Different...we are not on the FBI Top Ten List...
although I haven’t checked lately.

Maybe you aren’t familiar with Whitey Bulger.
Well, Whitey is a bad guy.
How bad?
After Osama Bin Laden was killed, Whitey Bulger was moved to the TOP
of the Most Wanted List.
That’s pretty freaking bad.

Whitey is a big time mobster from South Boston with a long, deadly rap sheet...
and a fugitive of the law (along with his gf) for the last 16 years.

But the FBI
has finally captured that Whitey ass.


Let’s get back to my teaser before the “anywhooooooo” .......

Apparently last year PaulA and I were a stone’s throw from Whitey.
When we visited Santa Monica, Calif. our hotel was one block away from the apartment where
Whitey and his gal pal have been holed up for 16 years.
We probably walked right by them on the sidewalk.
Too bad I never studied the Most Wanted poster at the Post Office....otherwise,
I’d be in the money.
 A monetary reward was given to the observant woman who tipped off the FBI.
The only tip I had for the FBI was “wear your bullet proof vest in a shoot out.”

Apparently we can’t get away from this guy...
a captured Whitey is our neck of the woods...
in a jail cell in Plymouth, MA...across from the Home Goods store I frequent.

The killer is (great choice of words)...
If I had kept my eyes wide opened and was more observant...
I’d be 2 million dollars richer...
and I would be holed up right now...
in Home Goods.

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