Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Laptop Spill

What’s faster than a speeding bullet?

This Kat...

after spilling coffee on my laptop keyboard.

The mere thought of ruining my laptop after I paid Mr. Staples to debug it ...
really bugged me.
I knew I had to act save it.
So I sprung, sprang, springed into action…………

I ran into the kitchen,
pulled off 400 sheets of the quicker picker-upper…
and sprinted back to my ailing laptop.

I could feel my heart racing and adrenaline flowing through my veins.

All the while…

I kept praying my poor laptop would make it through this ordeal.
The thought of losing software and hardware left me nowhere…
we had been so personal through the years. 
“Pleeease laptop, Please stay with me.
Hang in there....I’m here for you.”

I worked quickly applying paper towel compresses…
holding it tight to the keyboard crevices to help minimize seepage.

Then I realized…it needed additional technical attention....
But what?

Quick, Kat...blow on it...get a fan.


I worked feverishly to save my laptop...

And I waited for a response...
any response.

I carefully and methodically tested each key.

"Please dear laptop ...Please respond.
Let me know you're okay?
Give me a sign.
Any sign."

Then it happened…
the cursor appeared and began blinking at me.
One blink...followed by another. 




Evidently my laptop had crossed over to the other side for a few seconds...
but crossed back to me.

this wasn’t the time for my laptop to go.



Frances said...

When I was a freshman in highschool I spilled gatorade all over my Dad's laptop. I left it there and acted like it didn't happen. Needless to say, the laptop did not work. Shocking! Glad your laptop made it!

Jen McCleve said...

A nasty laptop spill can really ruin your day. Sorry that happened, glad it didn't destroy anything.