Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Club 30 Welcomes Colin

We celebrate today because it is Valentine’s Day…
but today is
superlatively special day with
mucho more reason to celebrate.
Today is Colin’s 30th birthday
affectionately known as 
Colintine’s Day.

Colintine’s Day is all about 
hearts, love, and rock and roll baby.

On this day Club 30 welcomes Colin

where it's time to face the music of a new decade.
no i.d. required.

Those who enter Club 30 
might feel the blues about leaving stage 20
and all that jazz...
...going all emo and head banging 
into despair.
But in Club 30 you ride a new wave and
 progressively embrace a new soul and new age. 
No matter how 
hardcore, indie, goth, and grungy 
you're feeling  
Club 30 is where it all goes down... 
and the bass lines still groove.  
After-hours at Club 30 are instrumental...
kickin’ it back in the country 
while ya 
hip to the hop 
like punk that goes pop
 in a classical, heavy metal 
kind of way. 

In other words....
Club 30 is happening. 


I find it hard to believe Colin is 30.
I’m still not sure how that happened soooo fast.  

I am so thankful and blessed for Colinboy.
I promised myself I wouldn't call him that
when he reached 30.
(times up Kat)

His 30 years of fun, love, and laughter

have brought me so. much. joy.
So that would make me Overjoyed…
deliriously euphoric.  

And if I could jump like I was deliriously euphoric…
it would look this…

I wish I could give Colin some mind blowing advice or wisdom about turning 30….
you know, about being older and being wiser…
but without mentioning Bud.  
I could first try by saying that 
the experiences from his 20s 
will carry him into this new decade 
with a deeper wisdom and a more realized sense of self.

But the best that I can really offer is ….
30 and the the next 10 years 
is a rockin’ decade.

Something tells me Colin will do it up 
in CTgrooves style.

It is only perfect that Colin was born on Valentine’s day…
he has had my heart since 4:59 am 2/14/88. 

And although I can’t jump…
my heart has jumped plumb
out of my chest.

Happy Birthday 
I know you're a man, but in my heart of hearts
you are forever my boy.

Happy XXX 

Cheers to many more years of
hearts, love and 
rock and roll. 


Jayne said...

You made me cry..... Everyone loves Colin so much. He's a remarkable person.

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