Sunday, January 21, 2018

Happy Birthday Chelsea

Today is Chelsea's Birthday
the mother of all birthdays
her first birthday as a mother.

Here's a fun fact I discovered about the Hyatt family of 3.
Although they have different astrological signs...
Chelsea, an Aquarius, 
Austin, a Gemini and 
Ansley, a Libra…
they are all born under the same Zodiac Element…
(Apparently zodiac signs are arranged under 4 elements…Fire, Earth, Air and Water.) 
That little nugget and $4.25 will get you a Venti Latte at Starbucks or 
$2.09 for a Large Coffee at Dunkin, should you prefer.
So it is written in the stars they are simpatico.   
(Chelsea can use that fun fact when Ansley becomes a teenager.)


On this mother of all Chelsea's birthdays, 
I can't help but think back to Chelsea's first birthday…
not just her First bday with the party hat 
and special flowers from her Dad…

but her Birthing Day and the days that followed...

when we brought Chelsea home to begin our life together.

 When your daughter becomes a mom 
all those memories and emotions come rushing back…
10 fold...  
memories of the early days and nights 
of us figuring out our new life together…
she getting used to me and me with her;  
Me thinking about the the long and windy road of life ahead
Me hoping I would be a good mom 
and her hoping that too.
Me looking into her angelic face and 
her smiling back and 
me thinking 
everything. at that moment. is just
with the world.

I LOVE being Ansley's meme (aka grandmother) 
but the icing on the birthday cake is
watching Chelsea be a mom.

I'm so thrilled
Chelsea gets to experience 
the same precious love and bond
with her baby girl
that I have with mine.

One day soon baby Ansley will be celebrating her momma on her birthday with a 
sweet birthday card made with crayons
and construction paper 
until then Ansley is giving her momma the sweetest
gift that she can give right now

and everything. at that moment.
is just 
with the world.

Happy Birthday Chelsea