Thursday, December 21, 2017


As you probably have heard, 
PaulA and I are Grandparents. 
yes, that was me shouting the good news from the rooftops

Our first grandchild 
Ansley Mary Hyatt
just kicking back on a casual Sunday Funday

 joined our family 9.25.17
Thank you Mama Chelsea, Daddy Austin and the Dear Lord Up Above

And so...
with little Miss Ansley comes all her firsts…

her first day

her 1st month 

her first Halloween

her first visit with Santa
wait til next year when she gets a good look at this guy

her first babysitters

her first pirate party…
coming this August

Knowing how quickly time flies,
we will soak up her first moments like Bounty, 
the quicker picker-upper.


When holding precious Ansley 
and looking into those innocent baby blues, 

I can't help think about the future she will live in...
driverless cars,
pilotless planes (say it ain't so) 
new devices that make our smartphones look d-u-m-b
robots that wash our dishes without complaints 
(liking this)
linking our brains to a computer and living in a virtual world. 
(not liking this)

With so much promise and possibilities ahead for Ansley, 
the world is her mollusk…
or oyster, should she prefer.

I'm wondering what 


a doctor or dancer, 
a singer or surgeon,
an accountant or author, 
a cook or chemist,
a blogger or banker?

No matter where life takes her,
there is one thing I know for sure.
Unconditionally and wholeheartedly...