Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Happy Anniversary to the new Grandparents

October 3rd marks our 36 year wedding anniversary. 
(yikes, we are getting up there.)

As cliche as it sounds…
time flies, marches, and waits for no one. 
John Mayer's song 
"Stop this Train"
about getting older 
and life passing at a rapid pace
couldn't be more on "track."
So I'd like to stop 
and reminisce about the early days
while John Mayer's song plays in the background.

The abridged story of how PaulA and I met goes...

I noticed him, 
notice me 
and the rest was
our history.  

An expanded version goes:
As I walked from my dorm 
to the cafeteria 
on the Redstone campus of UVM
I could feel a pair of eyes watching me from a dorm window. 
Then after I was in the cafeteria line…
the same pair of eyes were behind me in line.  
This went on for many meals that fall semester.  
(Hey, a girl's gotta eat.)

It was when our dorm floor had a party with his dorm
that we "officially" met,
(although we unofficially knew each other quite well )
and he asked me out.  

And how could I refuse that curly haired boy.

He had me at 


Today these cool groovers who met in the late 70's are officially 

Welcome to the family
Ansley Mary Hyatt

It's hard to believe that 36 years have already passed
and we are grandparents
(which sounds old)...
but because it means we have a 
sweet grandbaby girl to love …
get me my cane and call me granny. 

I wasn't born yesterday….
 Ansley was (almost) 

but I can truly say

I definitely do not want to 
"stop this train"
especially when the passage of 36 years
has brought us our 
first grandchild.


Sista Jayne said...

There's that 80's hair again lol.

Laura Langevin said...

Oh my goodness... I happened to see this on FB and am so happy for all of you! Have fun!! Love to all...

Лилия G said...

Поздравляю с рождением внучки!!! Вкусного молочка и спокойных ночей!!!

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