Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote for Hillary, Donald, Mary Jane?

Today is Election Day.

Hillary and Donald want YOU... 

so get out and vote.

if you happen to live in  
Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, Nevada and California
Mary Jane 
wants you too.

Those 5 states are voting for the 
recreational use of marijuana...
weed, dope, pot, grass, reefer, ganja, hash, 
whacky tobacky…
different names, same result

With grass on the ballot…
the color of political landscape could change.
You think you are living in a red state or blue state
but after today you could be living in a green state.  

It may be hard to beat 
Mary Jane's political platform
with it's talking points on....
economic benefits, 
elimination of bias arrests, 
creation of more jobs
a high on life…chillax feeling with an occasional pig-out session and 
giggle fit.  

With so many possible political ad lines 
Stir the Pot - vote YES for Mary Jane
Get Lit - vote YES for Mary Jane
it should be easy for Mary Jane to get the vote out.

Of course, the other side will take their pot shots 
against Mary Jane...
pointing out...
an increased Dorito dependency, 
excess cottonmouth and weight gain, 
zero motivation to leave the couch and 
hard to shake feeling the FBI is following you.

Don't be Dazed and Confused - Vote NO for Mary Jane
Mary Jane will Wreck you - Vote NO for Mary Jane


If Mary Jane wins in Massachusetts…
tourism will increase...
and Massachusetts will quickly go from
Taxachusetts to 

then there is also the possibility 
the visitor count to our house in Manomet, MA could go up.
chillaxin man

We shall soon see what happens...
Mary Jane is now in the hands of the voters…
or maybe not.

As timing would have it...
we happen to be in Mexico during the election.

As you know...
the Mexicans would NOT be pleased with a
Donald win.
They are hoping for a Hillary Clinton victory and are
planning street parties through social media.

A Hillary win 
would definitely make our trip here in Mexico
Fiesta time

a LOT more enjoyable than if Donald were to win.