Monday, October 31, 2016

Scary Early Voting

I voted early…

not because I was excited about the choices for President,
 but I will be MIA on voting day.

What better day to vote than today, 
especially with this year's Presidential election being directly in line with the 
spirit of Halloween, 
very dark and oh so scary. 

The political campaign ads have been nasty and negative…
with both candidates stabbing each other in the back 
wherever and whenever possible.  

Each candidate has a closet full of skeletons
 which keep jumping out at us

making us scream in horror.

It's enough to make your blood run cold 
or is it...make your blood boil?  

It seems as though every day there is another 
witch hunt 
a candidate digging their own grave.

And now there is a newly opened FBI investigation
which is disconcerting 
during the witching hour of the election.


It felt good to exercise my constitutional right to vote.  
As an American it is my duty and my right.  
And I am proud to be an American 
even if this Presidential race is 
hauntingly disturbing.

I did have a devil's advocate moment in the voting booth 
with the thought of 
writing in 
a Presidential candidate.
But who? 

umm...Donnie Darko, of course

Donnie Darko, a psychological Halloween themed film 
set during 1988 elections...
scary with a nightmare-ish tone...
not too eerily distant from the
the 2016 election
just missing "Frank" 
the scary talking rabbit.

Yep, I would say....
Halloween was the perfect day for me to vote.

or else...
Donnie Darko could be your President.

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