Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Chelsea

January 21 = Chelsea's Birthday
hashtag 31
Today is Chelsea's birthday
and Facebook concurs with me...
so that makes it official.
Thank you FB.
What would I do without you?

I had to chuckle when a FB alert popped up on my computer informing me that January 21st was Chelsea's bday
No kidding FB...I am way ahead of you...
I was there.

Yep, that was me 31 years ago 
riding shotgun with PaulA to the hospital.  
After my water broke, we nervously gathered my things together, jumped in the car
and PaulA took off out of the neighborhood 
like batman out of the bat cave...
(I was his Katwoman)
only to be immediately pulled over by a cop.  
no lie officer, Katwoman is having a baby

I was also there almost 30 years to the day 
when Chelsea took a 
gaGiant leap of faith 
and made her first baby steps. 
I grabbed my ole box camera and captured it. 
You could see her confidence gaining
minute by minute
as she

tested her balance.
Hold on, I got this folks. 
Me and my little dog got places to go.


Although PaulA and I won't be with Chelsea on her bday, 
we will be recounting the day she was born, 
recounting the Chelsea years 
and the things we love about her...

her sense of humor,

her love of family traditions,

her love for her hubby, Austin 

and her sweet pup Charlie,

her love for her family and

the closeness she shares with her brother and sister,

her gentleness, thoughtfulness and kindness,

her fierce loyalty to family and friends,

her smile

and not to mention

her enduring 
and endearing love of 
the sprinkled donut.
always keep your inner child happy, no matter how old you get

Happy Birthday Chelsea

We "sprinkle" 
our love on you
and every day.

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