Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Colintine's Day #28

Colintine's Day # 28
the perfect combo... 
Colin's Birthday and Valentine's Day.

28 years ago, the day Colin was born
was a pinch me…full circle life moment.  
Colin's birthday on Valentine's day
THE day of love, with my love…
was perfectly fitting.  
Love all around. 
pass the hugs and kisses.


I love full circle life moment stories 
and this is one…

When Colin was in the 6th grade, 
he asked for a bass guitar for Christmas and 
when Santa said Yes to the Bass....
it was music to his ears.

To say that Colin rocked our house through the years 
is an understatement…
you could always find him jamming away…
and practicing his rockstar moves
for the big stage...someday.  he hoped.

In Y2K when Colin was 12 years old, 
his dad (such a nice guy)
took him to see the band Lit in New Haven, CT  
THE band that he LOVED…and 
THE song…"My Own Worst Enemy."

Fast Forward...2016, 
Colin is (almost) 28 and he is playing bass
on the big stage 
with Dustin Lynch and Lit 
at a show in Anaheim, California…
playing THE song "My Own Worst Enemy."

I'm guessing Colin was picturing his 12 year old self 
in his room 
jamming and jumping to Lit.
A pinch me...full circle life moment.
Those rockstar moves he was working on 
16 years earlier
probably came in handy.

Happy birthday to 
a son 
who is talented, creative, funny and fun to be around.  
And most of all 
a son 
who is nice, sweet, thoughtful, kind
always loving and caring to his mother...
and that will always and forever 
make Colin 
a rockstar in my eyes.