Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reflections of a Reflective Blogger

From this blog title, you might be expecting a blog about
something deep...
a theoretical/philosophical topic
but alas...
that would be someone else's blog.

This blog deals with matters that are skin deep...

the full-length mirror.

This is...

A Tale of Two Mirrors...
(Charles Dickens has nothing on this Kat.)

where one mirror makes you look like
Lady Godiva

and the other makes you look like

the horse she rode in on.

 It was the best of reflections. 
It was the worst of reflections.


Today on "Today" 
Jeff Rossen did an investigative story on a new mirror...
The Skinny Mirror.

The Skinny Mirror is made of curved glass and gives your body a slimming hourglass effect...
knocking off between 5 to 10 pounds.
The inventor claims that 
"a normal mirror actually makes you look five to 10 pounds heavier than you do in real life."
(I knew my mirror was plotting against me.)

The Skinny Mirror was originally designed for the home market 
to inspire a positive self image 
but is increasingly selling to retail clothing stores...
because retail stores really really care about our self image.  
(I love it when I make a funny.)

Apparently clothing sales are increased by almost 20 percent 
when The Skinny Mirror is used in their dressing rooms.

Nothing like a magic mirror 
in a dressing room to get me to
Say "YES" to the Dress.

Do we really want a mirror that reflects the TRUTH?

ummm...not always.