Friday, October 31, 2014

Same Trick, Different Treat

I remember Halloween as a kid. 
I always felt like a kid in a candy store...
actually more like a
kid in a village of candy stores.

On Halloween night, my parents used to let us

eat as much candy as we wanted.
Boy, they were the best.
There was no limit to how much we consumed;
it was up to us ….
if we wanted to gorge ourselves and puke our guts out. 
And I don't remember them checking our candy for razor blades…
or rat poison.
Now, why would anyone want to poison us little devils? 

Being the cautious parents that PaulA and I were, 
we had our own little devils spread their loot out
on the floor

so we could inspect it and
remove our favorites  any unwrapped candy.


Things certainly have changed since we've last trick-or-treated.

This year I heard about a new initiative called the 
Teal Pumpkin Project.  
Participating homeowners put a teal colored pumpkin on their doorstep to show they
are offering nonfood treats for trick-or-treaters with food allergies.

(fyi...if you want to take part, you will have to paint a pumpkin.  
I'm pretty sure you won't find one naturally teal.)

The Teal Pumpkin campaign isn't "anti-candy", but is more about inclusion 

for those with food allergies.
In a nutshell, 
(sorry, I couldn't resist.)
those participating hand out little toys like
stickers, pencils, cards, vampire fangs etc. 

I've heard there are some folks giving out drinks such as bottled water and juice boxes.
Question:  won't kids need a wheelbarrow to haul that load?
i struggle with bottled water from the grocery store.

Some parents who are concerned about nutrition,
 will be handing out healthy foods like
raisins, pretzels, and baby carrots. 
I hope they draw the line at Kale.
I have an eerie feeling that
kids would frown on getting a bag of Kale chips.

I applaud parents that take a healthy stand, 

but this Kat will sit out that challenge...especially for Halloween.
Foods like apples and clementines...
are heavy enough to break a window
when they are returned-to-sender.

A lot may have changed through the years, 
when the little gremlins don't like their treat...
the trick is always the same.

Best Witches for a  Happy Halloween

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