Monday, October 13, 2014

Goodbye Columbus, Hello Kat

Happy Columbus Day
or maybe I should say 
Happy Indigenous People Day.

Apparently the day 
designed to honor Columbus is being 
reinvented, redesigned, and re-casted.

Columbus's "hero status" is being revoked 
to "villan status"…
forcing him to sail off into the sunset...
off the edge of a flat world.

Hey, just because Columbus 
wasn't the first to discover America,
the Vikings did 500 years earlier…nanny-nanny-boo-boo
thought he landed in East Asia,
which was actually the Bahamas, mon
didn't proved the World was round,
everybody knew that already, Chris
enslaved Indians and introduced disease...
let us NOT forget...
"In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue"
in a rickety, rustic, wooden boat,
without a GPS.
Think about it…
could you do that?

Say nothing about judging a historical event 
using the values of today 
rather than the values that existed almost 500 years ago.
Indigenous People Day may be more politically correct
may I propose another idea?

You could honor a 7 year blogger….Kat.

After all, it is my birthday today

and I would be wiling to share it with 
any, and all 
indigenous, meticulous, or mischievous people.
 give people a 3-day weekend 
and sales bargains galore.

Elementary school kids 
would just have to learn a new rhyme….
"In 2007….Kat sailed the bloggership maiden."


Some are also saying that 
Thanksgiving, like Columbus Day,
highlights Western imperialism 
and the conquest of people of color. 

Woah...stop right there…..
do NOT think about changing Thanksgiving...
no one, and I mean NO ONE 
messes with my 
tryptophan turkey high 
and pumping pie.

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