Friday, October 3, 2014

33 Years Together

Today is my 33rd wedding anniversary to PaulA
yikes, that's a long time

honeymoon...Jolly Roger booze cruise,

and I got to thinking.....
today it's all about the 
number 3.

PaulA + Kat...
Married 33 years on the 3rd of October.

We have 3 children.

My birthday is the 13th

I have 3 personalities.


If you know me...
you know what PaulA and I will be doing later on tonight...
keep it clean folks...

I'll be
making a trip down our basement stairs, 
hopefully without tripping, 
opening a blue Rubber Maid container and 
pulling out my halloween costume...I mean wedding dress,
walking around the house donned in my wedding day white 
that may not be so white...then 
dancing with PaulA to our song, "Something So Right" 
sung by Barbra Streisand

all the while...
thinking how in our 33rd year of marriage 
Chelsea and Austin are just 
starting their marriage...only 6 days old and 
knowing how much they have to look forward to in their lives together.

This 33rd anniversary couldn't be more special for us.

And also special how
Chelsea and Austin completely surprised us 
by having the band play our song,
"Something So Right" for us on their wedding day. 

But per tradition...
it ain't official 
until Momma gets her dress on.

3 Cheers to our 33 years.
Hip Hip Hooray

And here's to cheersing a glass...
or 3.

After all today, 
it's all about
the number 3.