Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving is coming...
my favorite holiday of the year. 

There are no presents involved 
so I'm safe from getting the… 
"what were you thinking?" look.
“Whhaaaat??  I thought everyone loved toe socks.”

The best part about Thanksgiving is getting together with family 
(although there are others who might say...it's the worse)
and, of course, 
there's the 
extended enjoyable eating extravaganza. 

The meal really isn’t that difficult to make…you just need a lot of it. 
Basically turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and vegetables. 
There are no wild expectations of a 
gourmet plum-glazed Mongolian turkey with foie gras. 
My niece told me a couple of years ago...
that she looks forward to the loose corn.
(yes, that's the frozen corn, 
that I expertly heat up.)
This Kat has major culinary skills.

I wonder if anyone has kept track of the 
average number of calories 
eaten on Thanksgiving Day. 
I hope not.
They deserve to be hit over the head 
with a turkey leg.
 Thanksgiving is not the time to be counting calories.
It's the time to 
unbuckle the belt, 
pop the buttons, 
loosen the skirt…
and make room for a second
and third piece of pie. 


I look forward to gathering with our family, 
with a bountiful feast; 

circa 2005

just like the Pilgrims and Indians did 
(minus the comfy couch)
in Plymouth 
hundreds of years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving to my family in Vermont 
and to my country rocker son, 

who couldn’t be with us at our table. 
I love you and miss you. 
Have a great day and I’ll be thinking of you….
while I'm on the comfy couch...
tripped out on 

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