Tuesday, November 12, 2013


If you are into numbers...
you probably love today's date,

Although I'm not a numerologist
or an -ologist of any kind….
(except maybe a blogologist) 
I love the consecutive numbers.
(who's counting)
happens to be 
my father's 82 nd birthday.
(go Gerald, it's your birthday)


Apparently there are a lot couples getting married today.
Normally a Tuesday in November, 
wouldn't be so popular...
but 11-12-13
makes it unique...
no excuse what-so-ever
for the hubby to forget an anniversary.

If I was getting married, I probably 
wouldn't be tempted by the 
consecutive date...
especially because Tuesdays 
sound so Ho Hum.

 I was getting married in the Bahamas mon.
Down there every day is 
the perfect day 

for a celebration.

Happy Birthday, Father

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