Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last Call for Droid

Goodbye Droid
may you rest in peace
in the back of my bureau drawer
with the other dead beat phones 
of year's gone by.

I was afraid that D Day would come.
For months I had tried resuscitating it...
But it kept calling it a day and
turning itself off. 

So after 3 years
it was time to let dear Droid go.
It was last call for Droid.
 I knew it was going to be hard to say goodbye.
After all, Droid and I had been BFFs for so long.
Dear Droid had always been there for me...
on call...
at my beck and call...
 (even with me pressing its buttons
on a daily basis.)

A tear 
slid down my cheek
as I threw Droid into the
cemetery drawer of run down phones.


My next Verizon phone "upgrade" was not to be...
until January 15th.
(dang, those kids for stealing my updates.)

I decided to go into the Verizon store and charm them
 into an early upgrade …
(yes, that's exactly how they reacted to my charm.)

Okay, so no early upgrade for me….
but they gave me a deal….
(yes, that's them laughing at the "deal" they gave me.)

Meet my new Bff 
bigger, faster, and sexier
(yes, phones can be sexy.
You've heard of Call girls.)

And should sexy Galaxy not be good to me...
and answer the 
call of duty
whenever I ask....
I have put it on notice:
you will be replaced.
(I'm calling the shots now.)

ps. call out...
to whom it may concern,
(just saying.)

Call me, maybe?

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