Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Addition

It's September!  Back to School! 
New shoes, styles, supplies and smells!

Mums the word…but
back in the day
I loved getting the kids ready to go 
back-to-school. woo hoo

First was the trip to Staples which I would consider the 
Highlighter of the back-to-school experience.  
Oh my heavenly hole punch …I still love love LOVE 
the smell of that store.  
Some people like the smell of cut grass, 
some like the smell of skunks (seriously) 
so it's not so cray cray that I would like the aroma of 
#2 lead pencil mixed with 
binders, file folders and filler paper.  

note to self:  Eau de School Supplies
bottle it…someone will buy it.

Next up were haircuts…trims for the girls…
and the ever fashionable bowl cut for Colin(boy).
Why did I bother taking Colin for a haircut...
I could have saved myself $ and time.
My set of Kitchen Aid mixing bowls were the perfect template.
just increase the quart size as he grows.

Taking them for their 1st day 
back-to-school outfits was fun...
mostly when they would wear what I suggested... 

but the trip to Bob's was the sole event for all of us...
for them...choosing new sneakers aka tennis shoes
for me...watching Colin dash around the store 
to make sure his new sneaks were up to the Colin challenge.


This September brings a heavenly addition into our world…
Baby girl Hyatt…
due September 24th
and we couldn't be happier.
Congrats to Chelsea-momma and Austin-daddy to-be...
In a true mathematical expression...
your addition will multiply the joy in your life exponentially.

I know…I know….
it might be hard to beat the smell of 
looseleaf paper in a Trapper Keeper…

but I'm prettttty sure...
NOTHING in this world 
the smell of a newborn baby.

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