Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Totally Satisfying Solar Eclipse

Did you see the Total Eclipse of the Sun yesterday?

It was awe-inspiring
all those superlatives rolled up into one 
stellar cosmic experience in the sky.

Although I didn't get to experience the totality of the eclipse, 
I viewed the solar eclipse as a moment of unity…
when we all came together to watch something 
than our collective selves.
Kumbaya experience on a national level.

I really wished I was in Nashville 
experiencing a 100 percent eclipse (lucky Colin)…
where day would become night for a couple of minutes. Instead I was in the northeast…
viewing a partial eclipse 
at 63 percent.

Either way, I wasn't prepared with appropriate eyewear glasses for viewing.

PattyO, told me she once safely watched a partial eclipse 
in a bucket of water.  
I figured why not give it a try?
That way I wouldn't be online today googling
"symptoms of eye damage from viewing the solar eclipse."

 So I got out the red bucket we use for the Pirate Keg, 
filled it with water, set it out in the sun
and anxiously waited for the moon 
to nibble its way through the sun …
kinda like the cookie(s) I was nibbling while I waited.

I clicked away...
taking pictures of the bucket 
as the moon moved across the sun,
but on close examination...
the eclipse had an eerily familiar shadow…

apparently the bucket works better for a keg than an eclipse.


Whether you were 
overwhelmed or underwhelmed
by the eclipse
probably depended on where you were watching. 
and if you geek out on celestial events. 

Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams, 
reporting live during the eclipse,
cried during the eclipse.
I admit she had me crying along with her.  
Nothing makes me break down more than an emotional meteorologist.

Researchers reported that animals could change their routine 
or become confused during the eclipse...
so many humans flocked to zoos to watch their fellow mammals' reactions.

This Kat's behavior 
was hardly disturbed from the usual routine…
although I did go for the frig earlier than I normally I do...

And as I opened the frig door...

there it was 
staring me in the face

ahhh, a CORONA...
maybe not as bright 
TOTALLY satisfying.