Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Act Your Age

I have a bone to pick with Facebook.  
(Yes Mark Z, I'm talking to you.)
The day before my birthday I logged on to FB 
and a message immediately popped up:  
Tomorrow is Kathy Healy's xxth birthday.  
Did I really need to be reminded  I was turning another year?  Come on Marky Mark… 
Couldn't you at least let me enjoy my last day of that year.  

So if I was getting the FB reminder, 
I'm guessing everyone else was too.  
I was surprised my birth year appeared.  
I had tried to get rid of it from my profile earlier but Failed 
so I changed my birth year to 1976.  
(FB probably did the math and figured
no way did I have a child at 10.)

PaulA told me to call FB. 
I didn't know that was an option.  
Anyone know how to get in touch with Mr. Z?  
 1.800.PLZ.MYOB .
Apparently I'm acting my age
old and cranky.


They say you are only as young as you feel.  
This morning I woke up feeling 39 (Winning)…
with a golf game planned later in the day with PaulA.  
But my noon I was feeling my age plus some extra years.  (Fail)
 I somehow twisted a side muscle and could barely move.  A first for me…
and the perfect old person gift to myself on my birthday.
I downed an Alleve, hit the outside lounger, and waited 
for the meds to kick in.  
Again, acting my age.

So If age is a state of mind…at this moment 
I'm living in the oldest state that comes to mind.  

I am looking forward to Jeopardy tonight.  
Like most old people…I can't miss it…
when the current winner has won 12 times in a row.  
Acting my age.

There is hope for me....
I am going to dinner at 8 pm which is way past the 
Early Bird Old folk Special 
But I must say,
I am onboard when it comes to an early happy hour.

Acting my age.

Old people are the BEST.

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