Friday, July 10, 2015

Uber Fan

You gotta love Uber.  
The Uber name alone is
Uber fun.   

To have a car pull up to the curb
that I have summoned through my phone
feeling like Warren Buffet 
is Uber Cool.

Those Uber founders were Uber smart and now Uber rich.

Unfortunately there are people out there trying to give 
Uber a bad name...

mainly…the competition.

This Kat, however,
is all in when it comes to Uber.


My virgin ride with Uber 
(you know what I mean) 
was in Nashville and was FREE…gotta love a free ride.  

My second Uber ride 
was from the airport to our house.
During that trip, the Uberman and I hit it off 
with a little pleasant chit chat...
yada yada...
Right before he dropped me off, 
he casually mentioned that he was giving me 
the highest rating.  

huh…rating me? 
Dude, WHAAAAAT are you talking about?  
I thought rating was one way…
my way...
me rating YOU.  

Now that I've put 2 and 2 together and 
brilliantly come up with numero 4….
 I'm realizing that I have to be on my best Uber behavior 
when I'm riding with Uber.
It would be terrible if my good name was slandered in Uberworld and
I was left taking a taxi.

now that I think about it... 
the taxi service does have its redeeming qualities. 
At least with a cab driver there isn't any rating going on…
in any direction.
We both can be rude to each other 
and no one is the wiser...
except for Bud

that dang Bud is always wiser.