Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy BriDay #24

Happy 24th Birthday to Wishy…
the sweetest young woman 
with a sunny disposition...

(unless there's a lobster loose)

unique and creative in every way 
from the bands she follows...
to her style sense…
lives by the tagline she created 
for her jewelry business…
"Dare to BriDifferent."


When it comes to Brianna's birthday, 
Bri has always been about the paaaaartay. 
Today I'm remembering the parties from 
Brianna's early Bridays…
back when the two of us put our heads together
and had PaulA 
knocked off 
in the jacquzzi 


the tribal council
where the tribe had spoken.

With or without a dead guy…
I dare say, 
there will be celebrating…
on Breezy St.

Hugs and kisses to Bri on her 24th Briday.
No matter how old Brianna gets, 
she will always be my
precious baby doll.