Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Olympics Degree of Difficulty

I admit it…
I'm a Johnny-Come-Lately, 
new latecomer,
to the Winter Olympics,
mainly because I've been M-I-A 
in the C-A-B-O.  

Granted the games are televised worldwide,  
but I have been very busy…
trying to free a little worm from a bottle of Tequila.
degree of difficulty - 9.0

I have caught wind of the story of the slow speedskaters. 
Apparently the speedskaters also caught wind, 
as none of them placed above seventh.

So what's the over/under on the Under Armour controversy?  
Did the high tech new speed suit actually slow them down?  
Or was it a convenient excuse?  
Who doesn't love a convenient excuse?  
or a controversy?

Talk about a wardrobe malfunction.
Maybe if the skaters didn't wear a suit of armor under...

they would have had a better chance.  
sounds simple enough to me.  
just saying.

Apparently there was something about a flap in the design holding the skaters back.  
Before I start flapping my gums on this subject, 
I should confess that I don't speak 
the language of aerodynamics, 
but I do speak a little spanish language...
Me llamo es gato.
Donde es el bano?   
degree of difficulty...5.3


I plan on watching the Olympics from here on out.  

I'll be rooting for Team USA in hockey.  
The goalie, Jonathan Quick, went to Colinboy's high school. 
 (Apparently the kid had potential.)  
With the Russian team knocked out of the Olympics,
(let alone the gold) 
I'm hoping the team wasn't banished to Siberia.  

I'll be rooting for Gracie Gold 
to win the gold medal.  
The silver and bronze medals are not the right metal for her.

And in the spirit of what the Olympics are all about...
I'm rooting for all the Olympians to have a 
safe and competitive Olympics.  

As a tribute to Sochi, 
I put down the Tequilla and 
hoist a vodka.

degree of difficulty...2.0

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