Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Colin

Today may be Valentine's Day to most romantics…
but to me it is...
Colintine's Day.

Colin's Birthday 
Valentine's Day 
all rolled into one sugary sweet day.


When you are a mom as lucky as me…
you have a son like Colin.  
A young man who is sweet, thoughtful, and loving 
to his mother.  
A young man who frequently calls just to chat and 
who keeps me a part of his life. 
It only made sense that Colin was born on Valentine's Day.

On this special day I can't help but reflect back and remember 
Colin growing up through his 26 years...
from the  
active blonde-haired bowl cut boy with a gleam in his eye…

to the determined young man driving off to Nashville.

So many pictures and special moments of Colin run through my head.

For  me, Special Moment 5,456,559
 was just a couple of weeks ago at Madison Square Garden.
It was incredible to see Colin playing on the BIG stage…

but just as incredible and wonderful 
was when Colin wasn't playing.

Special moment #5,456,560...
My son and I 
standing side stage at the end of the show,
confetti guns blasting paper pieces through the air 

2 dreamers…2 squiggles...
standing arm-in-arm.

Happy Birthday 
to my wonderful son
on his 26th birthday.

Here's a cheers...
 to all the special moments 
still to come.

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