Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Situation

During the holidays there is just so much food to be had…to be eaten…to be the thigh and butt area. I understand where Santa gets his girth.

Think about St. Nick…he’s constantly around food. There’s at least 1,000 calories waiting for him at the bottom of every chimney. Millions of kids have left him cookies and milk and he’s expected to consume it all.

Another Christmas…another trip around the cookie world. There’s Snickerdoodles in Switzerland…Toffee in Thailand…Peppermint Pinwheels in Portugal…Gingerbread in Germany. And to wash it all down…Finlandia in Finland (which can lead to hazardous sleigh driving.)

Rumor has it that back in Santa’s younger years, he was svelte and ripped. He was known in the North Pole as Santa the Playboy…but that was before Mrs. Claus bagged him. After too many years and too many cookies…everything slid to his equator.


I found this picture of St. Nick back in his younger years…back when he was Nick with the six pack…and not the six he was dropping off for PaulA. Back then he had dark hair and liked to walk around without a shirt. I’m just saying….a young Santa could have given Mike "The Situation" a run for the Jersey Shore…no doubt.

Before Santa began hitting the “milk” and cookies…he had it…and liked to flaunt it...especially after a good session of GTL.

Countdown to Christimas – Day SIXTEEN

Went to PattyO’s annual “To Heck With the Cookie" Party for laughs, libation, LCR, swap and spit. Okay, not the spit part….

Mailed half the Christmas cards.


Brianna said...

hahaha I dind't think you knew who the situation was! GTL alll dayyyy 'errrreeeee dayyy

Frances said...


I am off to the post office for work! Maybe I will see you there dropping off the second half of your Christmas Cards. xo

Anonymous said...

love your Christmas card, matey!! Aaaarghhh!! Did you know that the wand-thing got rid of bedbugs???? (I thought its power was limited to annihilating germs) A must for frequent travelers!!!! Who got that anyway?