Friday, December 10, 2010

Acting Chops

Some actors work their entire career hoping to sink their acting chops into a larger-than-life role. We have a member of our family who has had such a role and received notoriety at a young age.

Exit stage left: Meryl Streep
Enter stage right: Brianna

Brianna’s larger-than-life role?? Baby Jesus.

The director of our church Christmas pageant had casted Chelsea, age 5, as an angel…and Colinboy, age 3, as a sheep herder. After getting one look at Wishy, the director was immediately interested in her for the role of Baby Jesus.

Brianna had all the attributes needed to play the role. She was a director’s dream. She could sit up without slumping forward. Her temperament was calm and serene. She had the face of a cherub, with the most beautiful peaches and cream complexion…and her best attribute for the role of Baby Jesus…she was a baby. Brianna was 6 months old.

I was the typical stage mom…of course. Doting on my child...demanding special privileges; front pew seats for my family and friends…requesting special products in her dressing room; extra Huggies and binkies. I know I was a little over the top with all the demands but…Come on folks…we are talking the Baby Jesus.

I was so proud of Sweet Wishy. She did a great job of sinking her acting chops into the role…especially with only having two teeth to work with.


big C said...

Hahahaha!!! OH I am so mad I didn't think of this for MY blog!!! SO CUTE, such a great story to tell! :)

Brianna said...

Not many can take on a role that important... but I am such a great actor that I had no problem with the role... mwahaha

Colinboy said...

Front pew seats! MWahahaha. Sheep Herders rule baby JC!

Anonymous said...

Loved it :-) This one made me laugh a lot.

Way to go Wishy! You're a star

Anonymous said...

That was from me, sorry!

Jayne said...

How cute....I (Aunt Jayne) haven't heard that story before