Thursday, July 26, 2018

Shark Week

Give me an e 
Give me an f
What do ya got?

The beginning of the theme song to the movie "Jaws."

Cue the music 
dun dun.   dun dun. 
That right there is the sound of fear. 

Totally jawsome music.

Nothing says impending doom like the Jaws theme song. 
It was that riff...
low and predatory…
that was more terrifying than the mechanical great white shark...  
(especially by today’s standards.) 
Without the music, it's a Saturday Night Live skit.

The Jaws theme song hasn't helped the plight of the shark.
It gives them a bad rap…

even with this captivating smile.
(The shark union might want to think about changing PR Firms.)

Despite their scary reputation, 
sharks rarely ever attack humans and 
would much rather feed on fish and marine mammals.  
But I ask...
why wouldn’t they want to switch it up sometime?
throw in a little human?
Their tastebuds might need a little zing…
only a human can bring.


Recently there have been numerous shark sightings around Cape Cod,
primarily due to an increase in the shark’s fav food group…
the gray seal.
 Apparently the seal is Zero points on the Weight Watchers Plan.

A shark will attack it the same way I attack
a pint of Haagan Dazs Carmel Cone ice cream...  
6 points on the Weight Watchers Plan.
(who eats half a cup?...just saying)

Most of the shark sightings are near Chatham 
and not where we are in Manomet/Plymouth
but occasionally the sharks 
eat the memo…
and swim in our waters.

I start out the season being comfortable kayaking with PaulA to the point... 
even after our area made the National News
a couple of years ago 
when a shark bit the bottom of a kayak of a young woman 
kayaking with a friend...

But they lived to tell about it. 
No harm. No human.

We’ve been kayaking out to Manomet Point for the past couple of months
to stare at the seals with their big eyes on their big dog heads 
who like to stare back at us with our beady eyes on our pointy heads. 
I'm usually the winner of the staring contest.

Last time we paddled out…we noticed one seal in a prone position;
not the usual bobbing position.
We thought...hmmm that's odd, but paddled on to look for his slippery brothers.  

Later in the day, I read in the local FB group that this particular seal 
was a meal.
(They think he will survive his shark bite.)

Another FB post today showed 
a shark at Manomet Point had its way with  …

foot long bite

this Ramus 100 AUV.
(apparently some techy thing marine biologists use.)

I'm guessing it's about time PaulA and I read 
and heed 
the memo

and stay parked on the beach.
can't wait for margarita week

These sharks know it is SHARK WEEK...
and they are ready for prime time.

Cue the music
dun dun
dun dun

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