Thursday, July 14, 2016

Girl on a Plane

I've never been a good flyer. 
Maybe you are familiar with the type…
when the plane hits a bump 
said passenger's flailing arms grab the arms of the seat chair and neighboring passenger.
 Then said passenger straps on headphones, turns on iPod, pushes the volume up,
and rocks…
as in padded cell rock...
not the cool rocking out version.   
Okay, said passenger might resemble this Kat, 
but I've been working on my behavior and I'm proud to say I'm a lot more chill these days. 
(Does that make me chillier?)
Chill...until my last flight back from a fun FUN wedding in 
Hot HOT Austin TX, 
when the plane hit some bumps and the flight attendants 
were ordered back to their jump seats 
(never a good sign.)

That was when I reverted to said passenger behavior...
grabbed headphones, turned iPod on and the Volume UP…
 ready to rock 
when what song comes on????
Thomas Rhett's….CRASH AND BURN. 
Seriously.  I can't make this stuff up.  
I actually could make it up, but not this time.  
I couldn't change that song fast enough…
frantically looking for Steve Miller's:
"Fly Like an Eagle."


While hanging around the airport (at least it isn't the mall)…
I've been noticing a trend in books. 
At least half of them have the word "Girl" in the title. 
"Gone Girl", "The Good Girl", The "Still Missing Girl", 
"Girl on the Train"
"The Girl from the Train"  
"The Forgotten Girl"
"The Girl with a Past"
"The Girl in the Ice"
"The Girl who Chased the Moon"
"The Girl in the Woods"
"The Goose Girl"
"Girl with Golden Eyes"
"Girl with Green Eyes"
"Bad Girls"
"Top Girls"
"The Girl with the Silver Eyes"
"Girl in a Blue Dress"
Are you noticing the trend yet?

 I'm all Girl Power, cuz I happen to be one and 
I am Katwoman
but could we be taking the Girl thang a little too far?

Apparently this is the time to jump on the "Girl" Train
which gives me an idea for a book.
Check it out...

Girl on the Plane - 

written in the same vain as "Girl on the Train," 
"Girl on the Plane" is a story of twists and turns 
taking you to new heights.
A psychological thriller that will keeping you guessing at every turn...
Will the Girl on the Plane...
choose water or booze?
snooze or no snooze?
peanuts or cheese nips?
use the lav or hold it 4 hours?

I've also been noticing there is a book trend with "wife"  
in the title…
"Silent Wife"…haha
"Reliable Wife"…haha
"The Unwilling Wife"…double haha

Apparently if something becomes popular...
copycat versions become the trend. 
The word "skinny" sells everything...
Skinny Margarita, Skinny Water(genius),
Skinny Fries, Skinny Ice Cream

Some trends in words...
You can be run of the mill "crazy."
Or you can be 
out-of-your-mind, bat-shit crazy.

Hmmm…Back to my book 
and copyKat idea. 

I might need to rework my "Girl on the Plane" title 
and add some trendy words 
to stand out from all the other "Girl" books.

Cray-Cray Girl on the Plane 
wrangles Skinny Wife 

If that's not a Bestseller…
I'm turning off my blinking cursor.


Jayne said...

LOL love it Kat. I especially love the dog!

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