Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy (No) Labor Day

Happy Labor Day


Happy (NO) Labor Day

An extra day off from work for good behavior.  


It is so hard to believe that 
the "unofficial last day of summer" is here and now
and not around the corner and later.

I really hate to drone on and belabor the point that time is flying way too quickly
time is flying way too quickly.

So get out there already....
and enjoy.

I may have to remind PaulA that it is No Labor Day
and to put down the paintbrush
and walk away from Aunt Polly's fence  
the house.

Scraping and priming and painting is hardly 
a labor of love...
later he will be able to sit back with a cold one
and enjoy the 
fruits of his labor.

This Kat, on the other lazy hand, 
has no trouble relaxing on 
No Labor Day.

take a lesson PaulA from this Kat
aka Tom Sawyer

Happy (No) Labor Day