Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Colintine's Day

Happy Colintine's Day!

To our family….February 14th is known as
 Colintine's Day...
Colin's Birthday and Valentine's Day.
2 sweet goodies in 1...
kinda like a chocolate molten lava cake 
with a buried 
chocolately treasure.
yes, please

27 Valentines Days ago, 
I was shot in the heart...
it was love at first sight.

It didn't take Colinboy long to enter the world.
From my 1st labor pain to holding him in my arms…
it was under 3 hours.  
PaulA barely had time to get on the hospital scrubs over his RED sweater. 
(Leave it to PaulA to realize at 2AM
 that it was Valentines Day…
and wear RED.)
With the 0-60mph labor pains I was experiencing, 
I could only see RED.


(a nickname I should probably give up at this point?)
was an easy baby…and grew to be my 

easy going…fun-loving…

funny...and loving…


make you smile…

sweetheart of a son.

No wonder Colin was born on 
Valentines' Day.

I recently came across a picture 
from a family trip we took to Disney World 
and wondered... 

what are Colin and Cinderella talking about???
It sure looks serious.

Maybe Colin was saying to Cinderella:  
"I'll  be back in 15 years...
to take you out
maybe Cinderella was saying to Colin 
in true Disney form: 
"never stop dreaming."
(If so 'Ella….Colin took your advice.)
From the bass guitar he wanted for Christmas 
when he was in the 6th grade...

to attending Berklee College of Music... 
to playing bass guitar with country artist, Dustin Lynch.

Even though I won't see Colin on his birthday,
I will see him 4 days later
when he plays with Dustin Lynch on
Feb. 18th in Estero, FL 
on the Luke Bryan tour.
woo hoo

Happy Birthday to my son
in my heart of hearts
will always be 
my Colinboy.

Happy Colintine's Day


Happiest of Birthdays to Colin(boy) 


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